Large American automaker needed to prevent catastrophic engine failures due to oil starvation in high-speed high-G turns.


The OEM worked closely with Res to design a solution and develop prototypes to quantify the results. Res then worked closely with the OEM to develop a final design comprised of a 6-component resistance welded assembly. During the design development phase, Res offered much Design For Manufacturability input allowing the OEM to achieve a 10% material savings. Further VA/VE recommendations provided a 30% reduction in the number of welds, increasing throughput by 33% while also reducing fixture costs and overall costs.


The entirely new welded assembly was designed, tested and production ready within 10 months. Res currently supports the worldwide production volume for this V6 engine platform. This is a prime example of how Res’ broad capabilities from design through start of production enabled a customer to reduce the time to market on a critical program and at the lowest possible cost.

THE FINAL OUTCOME: 10% material reduction