Tour the Res facility and you’ll no doubt be impressed. You’ll see a 90,000-square foot facility, thoughtfully laid out for work flow and with plenty of room to grow. A uniquely designed building foundation built to prevent even catastrophic events from interrupting our operations with state-of-the-art stamping presses and welding machinery. But Res offers much more than just what meets the eye. The Res team is also committed to a concept we call “Design For Manufacture” (DFM)– working closely with our partners to ensure each run is optimally laid out for quality and economy. It’s an approach that in the past has helped save customers millions of dollars. What’s more, Res also designs and builds its own Poka-Yoke machines right on site, ensuring the highest level of quality control. With the right equipment, anyone can stamp metal. At Res, we strive to provide much more to our customers.